The Lonely Brothers

by The Lonely Brothers

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We are:
Laura Bishop - vocals, violin
Freya Petersen - vocals, viola, African shaker
Maisie Glen - guitar, mandolin, ukulele
Ellen "Mop" Paynter - double bass
Charlie Jones - drums
Julz Watson - violin
(plus the lovely Xave Brown on guest vocals)

Written about first love, the ocean, going crazy, isolation, leaving home and loss.


released April 19, 2009

Recorded by Jesse Stack, Moss St Productions
Mixed and mastered by Lee Buddle, Crank Studios



all rights reserved


The Lonely Brothers Fremantle, Australia

The Lonely Brothers take honest-to-goodness folk, class it up with jazz and chamber music, then smash some wine-tinged gypsy hobo amongst it.

After forming a little folk trio in high school, they have added members, played a bunch of great festivals, released two records and steeped themselves into the WA music scene.
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Track Name: Lightning
Lightning falls on this hand of mine
Like a cane in the day
Like a mozzie in the night
I am coming back
I am coming back alright

Now I'm stuck in that transition stage
Between house and home
Between love and mistake
I'm not quite sure who is walking past my door
But I think I should go
Follow them home
Follow them home
Track Name: A Thought
A thought so down that it pushed me off the side of your bed
Tumbling away
Into endless skies worth of thoughts

And time, it rolls by
And you, you know none of this my love

A thought so down, clutched in my hand
And I'll scream
Just save me
Take me, take me away

And time, it rolls by...
Track Name: But With Love
I've got music on my mind
And dirt on my feet
And the sounds of the sun they drift through my window
On a cold day without rain
Sweet and dusky, hidden in the trees without leaves
But with love
Got back streets leading to nowhere
But everything must lead somewhere
EVerything must lead somewhere

Well I look down the road
Or you could call it a highway I suppose
It's past the river
But not if you go the other way around the world
There's a shop that sells love for half the price
And double the sweetness
Double, double, double the sweetness

Track Name: The Tide
The grass grows long in my backyard
The days grow long
And I don't really know how to cope with all this time

There's all this time
There's all this time
My days seem to ebb away like the tide
And all I'm left with is all this time

All along the coast up here
The seaweed is rotting on the beach
The smell of it, it burns my eyes
It makes me feel like everyone has died
The ocean gave the seaweed away
It was tired of carrying all of that excess weight
And sometimes it gives, and sometimes it takes
So why won't it take my time away?

There's all this time...

There's a boat, it's floating on the harbour
Floating in spite of its poor owner
The seas were too wild, the boat capsized
The man left to float alone, he died
He died alone, he died alone
Because he couldn't keep himself afloat
He said his goodbyes on that cold strange night
And he died with the moon as his only light

And he said
There's all this time...
Track Name: You Let Me Go (Afternoon)
If I'm not glad to see the light of afternoon
You'll have to drag me out to my back verandah

And these are long days
And the light is slowly changing
I can feel night drawing nearer
But the shadows are falling shorter

And you planted it between us, all in a row
This distance you found I could never cross
You let me go
Track Name: Over Me
Desperation makes a dive of hope that maybe I'm alive
For what I need and what we want to do
The show goes but I'm too still for someone making fun at will
Of life and love and hope and peace and you

And I just want you to see what's coming over me
I only want you to know that nothing's going to make me go
Because your tears are getting in my eyes

Nothing's cured, no never safe
The laughter makes me want to take a break from this, a lie in the night
The light is down but you're away, I'm running from what's here today
I lose myself in nothing that's alright
Track Name: Can't You See Why I Am Hesitating?
Fighting never looked good on you
Fighting never made your wishes come true
Is there anything I can do?
I'll run around in circles if it'll help keep you cool

You're waiting, I'm evading
Can't you see why I am hesitating?
You're faking, I am quaking
Can't you see this is heart-breaking?

I could never see your point of view
Could never see what made you feel so blue
We could dance to your tune
Just to help you see what's right in front of you

You're waiting...

Feed on me
I could never make you happy
Feed on me
Is there a reason why I always make you cry?
Track Name: This Whole Time
All the times that I've slept with a storm on my pillow
All the times that I've dreamt that someone lets me down
But there's always someone there
To say they know your story well
But when the sun comes out they'll leave you where you fell

This whole time it's a path to nowhere
And it's getting dark
Words won't say
Leave here in wonder
Leave here in wonder; it's all in my head

When I'm watching and thing fail and it's like being there myself
When your friends are speaking softly and your mind is somewhere else
Uncertainties of you keep me wrapped in their unknown
But for now I'm sitting waiting, just waiting to be shown

It's all in my head and still nothing's said
Track Name: Oh Nothing Has Changed
I feel a little colder
Like the wind has come in from across the sea
And I feel a little older
I keep finding myself staring at people I want to be
Nothing has changed
Everything still changes

There's blood on my hands now
And it's yours and it's mine and I'm slowly fading
It runs down to water
The waves are over our heads and we need saving
Keep your head up my love
I'll be thinking of you

There's someone knocking, expecting an answer
And I can't give answers readily
There's someone faltering, leaning on us
And they're leaning
Oh so heavily

It's morning
But the light has not come yet
We're not even asleep
There was no warning
It came like the tide and it won't recede
Wait for the turning, my love
You'll be free
There'll be no returning
My love, you'll be free